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The Impossible is Possible

Dr. Quintus Jett: the Impossible is Indeed Possible

I landed in New Orleans about a year after Katrina. Like many others, I had come to help. 

Pontchartrain Park is one of the first African American designed communities in New Orleans and one of 22 neighborhoods in the district of Gentilly. I had come to map the house-to-house conditions in Pontchartrain.

The goal was unattainable.

I had 18 days to map a decimated neighborhood in New Orleans, it seemed impossible. But to my surprise I connected with a motivated and insightful group of volunteers upon arrival.

Our collaboration resulted in the complete mapping of Pontchartrain Park in four days and four more neighborhoods within the remaining two weeks. This unexpected success motivated my return months later to continue mapping the 22 neighborhoods.

It wasn’t clear how we would do it. If you had told me at the start of my first trip that we would complete all 22 neighborhoods in 32 days, I would have said: “that’s impossible.”

Which brings me to the present.

I first became involved with the Yang campaign in March of 2019 and one of my first experiences was going to meet some Los Angeles Yang Gang. I was struck by their politically diverse backgrounds: a former Trump supporter, a UCLA grad student from the Midwest, a scientist organizing Yang supporters IRL (in real life) in Orange County, and many others.

The spirit I experienced in New Orleans years ago and the spirit among the Yang Gang today are incredibly similar: people who want to make a difference, people who WILL make a difference — but don’t necessarily know how. 

In New Orleans, we developed a process-driven mapping plan to provide structure for our energy and enthusiasm. What we have working for us in the Yang Gang, are the Yang Treasure Maps.

Like New Orleans, I don’t know exactly how but I know that we’re going to do it. 

I promise you that what appears impossible today, is indeed possible.

Dr. Quintus Jett
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