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AFA Georgia YANG Map

Yang Treasure Maps


Yang can win …but let’s make it a landslide.



It’s about more than just Iowa and New Hampshire. The Yang Gang must compete in more than 3,000 counties in 50+ states and non-state constituencies.

Introducing the Yang Gang Treasure Maps

Turn your time into Yang’s tactical advantage with geographic strategy directly in your hands. The Yang Gang Treasure Maps prioritize each county by its value in a primary election.

  • Prioritized by: accessibility, demography, population density, and more.
  • Every state is available (yes, even yours) with Puerto Rico in-press.
  • User Guide available here.

Use these maps to maximize the impact of your Yang Gang passion.

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We believe materials and strategy in the hands of Yang supporters are the Freedom Dividend of political activism.

The mission of Abundance for America is to give every Yang supporter the tools they need to grow the Yang Gang.

Abundance for America was founded by three early adopters of Yang’s vision who recognized the disconnect between the enthusiasm of the Yang Gang and their access to supplies, strategy, and knowledge.
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How Do I Read This Thing: Getting the Most from your Map 🧐

AFA Georgia YANG Map

How Do I Read This Thing: Getting the Most from your Map 🗺

AFA Georgia YANG Map

As we move from being the ‘internet campaign’ to full-on activities in real life, having an idea of where we are and where we need to be is essential.

Each of us has unique knowledge and in-depth perspectives of our own neighborhoods and counties, but how does that fit in the big picture of your state or neighboring state?

Our Treasure Maps can help you decide where your time is best spent to meet our ultimate goal of getting out the votes for Andrew Yang.
The Campaign has ‘turf cutter’ software and data about likely democratic voters, but their focus right now is on early states.

There are over 3,000 counties within the US, and each one matters a in different way — that’s where YOU and the Treasure Maps come in.

What does that mean for you?Like what you see and want more?
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