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Fast & the Furious: Treasure Mappin' at Full Throttle 🔥

The Abundance for America Treasure Map Team (led by Dr. Quintus Jett) has been burning the candle at both ends to crunch the data (everyone shout Ⓜ️🅰️✝️🎀) in order to produce the final batch of Treasure Maps… AND, we’ve reached the finish line!

ALL 50 States, plus Puerto Rico have been completed to date!

We’ve popped the corks and celebrated the completion of this huge data analysis task and now we need your help!

In all, we’ve devoured hundreds of hours writing the algorithms, running the data, re-running the data, verifying the results, and crafting colorful maps.

Yes, hundreds of hours!

What does that mean for you?

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To download a Treasure Map for your state, neighboring states, or wherever you might be traveling:

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