Creating a Yang Nation

our mission

In 2016, polls mislead the American public and we’re seeing it again during the democratic primary run-up with pollsters calling “likely democratic voters” on landlines. But landlines are 20th century technology and Yang’s message answers the questions of the 21st century.

Just like Yang, we must create a wave of support for his vision during the primaries and in the general election and the fastest way is not with likely democratic voters but with unlikely democratic voters.

who we are

Abundance for America was founded by three early adopters of Yang’s vision who recognized the disconnect between the unbridled enthusiasm of the Yang Gang and the ability of the campaign to fund grassroots efforts beyond the first four early-Primary States.We are dedicated to rapidly funding supporter-led projects and empowering the grassroots movement that is the Yang Nation.

Our Vision

Abundance for America (A4A) focuses on a necessary cultural shift toward a future in which citizens of the United States grow and thrive in an environment of prosperity, virtue, and personal value. We are inspired by Andrew Yang’s vision of a truly abundant America, where economic freedom allows each American to grow toward a self actualized life.

our goal

We will empower grassroots support to:

  • Secure a clear majority of delegates pledged to Yang during primary polling
  • Create support for his vision in congress, within states, and at the local level
  • Ensure financial security of supporters who offer their time and creativity
  • Coordinate all efforts through a national strategy that is specific and flexible

Our team

Dr Quintus Jett

Dr Quintus Jett


Many of you know him is Dr J, Quintus, or just plain ‘Q’ from the early days of the Yang Gang. Quintus is an experienced campaigner having cut his teeth as a “Deaniac” back in 2004. The Dean campaign was the first to use distributed organizing and led the way for others to refine the model during the Obama 2008 and Sanders 2016 campaigns. A true ‘revolutionary’, Quintus brings his professional expertise in Organizations to lead our team.
Rondi Firsch

Rondi Frisch


Rondi started her Yang Gang involvement by taking the point in the Tampa Bay Yang Gang as they threw themselves enthusiastically into ‘stickering’ 7,000 participants at St. Petersburg Pride and debuting the now famous paper mache Yang Bobblehead Character in the Parade in front of 30,000. She then became a Regional Organizer which morphed into joining Jeff in co-leading the Yang Gang Operations Team. Rondi brings 30+ years of entrepreneurship and administrative management experience to the role of Treasurer and ‘Chief-in-charge of communicating’ with the Federal Elections Commission.
Jeff Miller

Jeff Miller

Secretary and Custodian of Records

Jeff started his journey with the Yang Gang as a Primary Contact in the Detroit area and then as a Regional Organizer for the Midwest. Among other endeavors he founded and co-led the Yang Gang Operations Team and was the point person and ‘Chief-instigator’ in advance of the Debates in Detroit along with coordinating a hugely successful fundraiser and personal appearance by the candidate. Jeff brings his professional background in production management and product delivery to his role with A4A where he is central to developing and delivering on our mission.